Tilt Puzzle Board



Features :

  • 28 x 35 inch working surface suits up to 1500 piece puzzles
  • Changes from horizontal to vertical positions with ease
  • Tilts at two angles
  • Made of beautiful birch plywood
  • Includes a clever stand for your puzzle box lid
  • High quality materials and craftmanship

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The Grateful House birch plywood puzzle table is more than just a table, it’s a work of art. The beautiful puzzle board tilts at two angles. Giving you perfect access to your puzzle without causing stress on your neck or back. The top surface can be changed from horizontal to vertical with ease allowing you to work on different styles of puzzles.
Offering you the freedom of movement with a design that is not only functional but beautiful. Its built with high quality standards to last a lifetime and enhances the comfort and joy of building puzzles.


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