Premium Wool Blend Puzzle Mat For 2,000 Piece Puzzles 30 X 48 Charcoal Grey



Features :

  • Fits 2,000 piece puzzles
  • Arrives rolled not folded
  • 2 year warranty
  • 2mm thick heavy woolblend felt
  • Includes a storage bag
  • Innovative tube for a snug roll
  • Charcoal grey for that perfect background to work on

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The only large wool blend felt puzzle mat in the world designed for puzzles. The Grateful House wool blend mat is made from a specially formulated wool blend that will not snag your puzzle pieces. The puzzle mat is twice as dense and thicker than any other felt mat available. This ensures the mat will not move around when you shift puzzle pieces.

In addition to superior quality, the specially crafted inflatable tube provides an easy roll system. The tube’s extension flap “grabs” the wool blend mat to assist in the rolling process resulting in an even, tight roll keeping all the pieces in place. When you unroll the puzzle mat you will find everything just as you left it!

The mat will arrive rolled in brown paper and packaged in a long box. This ensures it will lay perfectly flat on arrival. They do not require any ironing.


10 reviews for Premium Wool Blend Puzzle Mat For 2,000 Piece Puzzles 30 X 48 Charcoal Grey

  1. Avatar for CKT


    Excellent product!
    Very high quality. Easy to use. Great design. No clutter for days on end—“puzzle-time” on demand!

  2. Avatar for Victoria Petersen

    Victoria Petersen

    I LOVE it.
    The materials are all high quality… it makes my puzzle portable… I always have a puzzle on the table and this gives me my table back. I am very impressed.

  3. Avatar for kirissa johns

    kirissa johns

    I love this puzzle mat!
    I’m very happy with this puzzle mat! The felt is thick and soft, and was easy to smooth flat for the first use. Once you unroll it the first time just flip it over so the curling edges are down. By the time I got my border done it was laying flat and smooth. I can drag the pieces around on it without them getting caught up on the material. It’s also the biggest puzzle mat I’ve ever used, which is perfect for my 2000+ piece puzzles. The inflatable tube is a cool idea and really easy to use. My favorite part is the bag it comes with. I’ve not rolled my puzzle tight enough a couple of times and the pieces that fall out are kept safely at the bottom of the bag instead of lost in my game cabinet. But, if you roll it properly that doesn’t happen at all. I am so glad I bought this!

  4. Avatar for drsirpa


    Excellent Product!
    Quality mat that we’ve been looking for. Well made and substantial enough that it doesn’t slide on a table surface. Has enough texture in the fiber that the puzzles pieces would not slide if the table was jostled. Thoughtfully packaged and we appreciated the insert feature that will keep the fabric wrinkle-free while stored. Couldn’t be more pleased!

  5. Avatar for Debbie Renner

    Debbie Renner

    MY 2ND ONE – Love it!!
    This is the 2nd one I’ve purchased. It’s perfect and I roll and unroll my puzzles A LOT!! We have 2 cats and I don’t want to take a chance of them jumping on my puzzles when I’m sleeping and end up with scattered or lost pieces; also because I work on 2000 piece puzzles and I don’t work on them every day so I like to put them away when I’m not working on them so they’re out of the way. I bought the 2nd roll because I’m going to take it to my mom’s and try to get her involved in the hobby. It’s something we can enjoy together and put away in-between our visits. I highly recommend!

  6. Avatar for linda


    The best!
    This thing is incredible. I am a teacher and bought it last June while working on a ridiculously hard puzzle for the summer. I rolled it up in September and it has been tossed around for months. I just opened it up for something to do during the Coronavirus quarantine and there is not a piece out of place! Incredible!

  7. Avatar for Joan


    Well made and nice and large.
    This puzzle mat seems very well made and is quite large. Big enough for a 2,000 pc. puzzle, but if you have a smaller puzzle and don’t want the extra space, you can just roll it to your desired length.

  8. Avatar for Danny M Calfee

    Danny M Calfee

    Easy to use and high quality.
    Like that it came rolled and not folded(no creases. The flap on the inflatable roll makes it easy to use as well as two straps and carry bag. High quality. Very pleased with purchase.

  9. Avatar for Amazon Customer

    Amazon Customer

    Must have for puzzle lovers.
    Love it! Even if we don’t put the puzzle away, I just love working on the mat.

  10. Avatar for Elaine


    I didn’t know how much I needed this till I got it!
    So nice to roll out the mat, spread out the puzzle pieces, and start to put it together. I used to hesitate to start a puzzle in case I would need the table for something else, but with the mat, – no pressure to finish fast! I can just roll up what I have done, put it away, and unroll it when I am ready to work on it again. Good find!

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