White Puzzle Tray



Features :

  • Set contains 8 trays
  • Elegant dust proof high impact plastic
  • Non-slip surface
  • Sleek lid to secure loose pieces
  • One puzzle tray set holds up to 2000 pieces comfortably
  • Tray size 14x10x.75 in.
  • Stacked tray size 14x10x6.5 in.
  • Pure white or matte black

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A must-have puzzle accessory for anyone who likes to be organized when doing jigsaw puzzles, the Grateful House large puzzle sorter trays are top of the line. The Grateful House trays are the largest available anywhere in the world.

The Grateful House puzzle sorter trays are a set of 8 that stack perfectly and work comfortably with puzzles up to 2,000 pieces. The sorting trays help make puzzling easier, more organized and add style to your puzzling hub. Finished with an eloquent dustproof high impact plastic, non-slip surface , and sleek designed lid. They come in a beautiful pure white or matte black. Both are stunning and serve purposes for vibrant and softly colored puzzles.

These trays were specifically built for jigsaw puzzles and can be used with puzzle boards, puzzle tables, puzzle mats, or puzzle cases. They can also be used for small tools-toys, food, pens, pencils, legos sorting, jewellery, sewing, craft, painting, brushes, make-up, keys, small nuts/bolts, etc.

6 reviews for White Puzzle Tray

  1. Avatar for JY


    The best sorting trays out there!
    I love these trays! I’ve been using them for about a week now and these are top of the line of sorting trays! It comes with 8 large sleek trays, sort up to 2000 pieces, stackable (total space saver) and comes with a lid! Oh, and the bottom of these trays have a textured surface so the pieces don’t slide around! A huge upgrade from my old and tiny (only comes with 6) sort trays! Highly recommend!

  2. Avatar for Heather


    8 PC Jumbo Sorting Trays White
    These sorting trays are a MUST HAVE item for avid puzzlers. These are jumbo rectangular trays, perfect for not only sorting but laying out the pieces flat. I cannot recommend these trays enough. Sleek design, comes with a cover, and they are stackable which means more space to puzzle. The white background really helps the pieces pop, especially darker pieces. Worth every dollar! Excellent customer service as well (nothing wrong with the product; I had questions before ordering.) Definitely 100% recommend!!!

  3. Avatar for kazbo


    absolutely perfect
    Received these a few days ago and love them. The trays are nice and large and stack just as they’re supposed to. I had a minor issue I needed to contact the company about and they replied quickly and more than took care of my problem. Highly recommend!

    EDIT 3/10/21 – I just used these for the first time with an actual puzzle and they’re wonderful. They hold 1000 pieces easily and the pieces don’t slide around and are easy to see against the white background. Very happy with this purchase.

  4. Avatar for Cobbie


    Perfect in every way.
    I love the lid. I love that there are enough trays to sort out a 1000 piece puzzle so that each piece is completely visible. They are light weight. They fit nicely on my table with the puzzle border completed. They also stack nicely in alternating directions so you see puzzle pieces in each tray. They are very well made. This was a perfect Christmas present to myself 😉 I’m thinking of buying another set and attempting a larger puzzle now that I know it will be safe from my cats curiosity. I really like the white color. I was worried about the bottoms of the tray being too grippy. They are the perfect texture. I can still easily slide pieces around to re-sort them but they don’t slide around when moving the tray from one side of my table to the other. I really like that feature.

  5. Avatar for Bernard Car

    Bernard Car

    Best puzzle tray design on the market.
    I really love these puzzle trays, and the designer behind them did a wonderful job.

    – Beautiful puzzle trays.
    – Best stacking design on the market.
    – Excellent large size.
    – Quality thikness.
    – Washable (they are plastic not cardboard).

    – Little to no suction when lifting trays apart.
    – No warping when holding up.
    – No annoying logo indents (some brands have their logos imprinted disrupting a uniform surface to work on.)
    – No bevels along the seams of the inside walls (pieces lay flush against the bottom and walls).

  6. Avatar for Angel


    The Perfect Sorting Trays
    Finally, the perfect sorting trays! I’ve used a few different trays over the years, but none of them compare to these. These trays are thick, sturdy & large enough to hold pieces for at least a 2000 piece puzzle. There’s also a slight texture on the inside bottom of the trays that helps to keep the pieces in place. Definitely recommend

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