Barn Quilts By Julie Pace Hoff



Features :

  • Special edition
  • Pieces: 1,000
  • Finished size: 27.5 x 19.6 inches.
  • 2mm thick Poland-made high quality blue board
  • Linen matte finish on the pieces and the box
  • Zippered canvas storage bag, full size poster, and a blank greeting card of the artwork included
  • Puzzle piece replacement warranty

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Explore various patterns and bold autumn colors with Barn Quilts

Grateful House has teamed up with some exceptionally talented artists from all around the world to bring you amazing jigsaw puzzles that you will love doing and collecting. The puzzles are frame worthy and these artists have never been seen in the puzzle niche before! We have an artist profile on each box and encourage you to follow each artist’s journey into the puzzle world alongside us.

Representing the first quilt trail in Adams County, Ohio, Barn Quilts was painted in 2019. Julie Pace Hoff is an American Patriotic Folk Artist combining academia with American traditions. Hoff graduated from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California before becoming an instructor at Otis Parsons School of Design in Los Angeles. She has dubbed her style “Aesthetic American Folk Art,” constituting impressions of American middle-class suburban life over the last seventy-five years. A tuxedo cat and American flag are in each of her paintings. She says, “I’d like to think that if you look closely at the paintings you will see your family smiling back at you.”

3 reviews for Barn Quilts By Julie Pace Hoff

  1. Avatar for Sheila P.

    Sheila P.

    Quality is top notch!
    Edition: Barn QuiltsVerified Purchase
    This puzzle is a collaboration piece by Grateful House, and artist Julie Pace Hoff; named Barn Quilts and is numbered 4.

    With lots of bright colors and vivid abstract art with no glare made completing this puzzle real fun to do. With an array of barns and houses on the image each puzzle piece was not as complex to match up. Many fun details.

    Again Grateful House comes through with high grade design and interlocking. Puzzle shapes come in a variety and the overall completeness of the puzzle pieces are sound.

    This puzzle comes in a durable box with image overlapping the corners. On the backside of the box a brief description of the artist magnifies and entertains the consumer into learning more about the artist in this collaboration.

  2. Avatar for LKCol


    Amazing, high quality puzzles!
    Edition: Cats Playing PokerVerified Purchase
    I cannot say enough good things about Grateful House puzzles! I feel like they just stormed into the puzzle game with these absolutely to die for, must have, limited edition, bespoke like art puzzles, and I cannot get enough of them!

    The pieces: amazing! The pieces are incredibly high quality- sturdy, great thickness, perfectly cut, with a linen finish and a fabulous feel! They are ribbon cut with a nice shape variety, and absolutely zero false fits! The fit is great- I can pick up small sections, and it does pass the puzzle pick up challenge in the end!

    The box: perfectly sized, sturdy, and so nice. The box has the same linen-ey feel as the pieces. Inside, there is a large poster, an envelope and card with the full image, and a cloth zippered branded bag to house the pieces when you’re finished! Honestly, opening this puzzle box was a luxe experience in and of itself!

  3. Avatar for coryjac


    Quality Puzzle- Cats Playing Poker( Fun)
    Edition: Cats Playing PokerVerified Purchase
    This puzzle was enjoyable to put together. The cats’ expressions and all the little details like the milk bottles made for a great finished puzzle. This puzzle is worth the price. The pieces have a good thickness, All the pieces interlocked really well & I didn’t see any puzzle dust. This is a challenging puzzle but the different shaped pieces helped so it wasn’t frustrating to put together. This puzzle would make a wonderful gift for any puzzle lover or cat lover. The puzzle comes in a very sturdy box, has a full sized poster, a blank card with the puzzle image and very nice zippered storage bag for the pieces. I was not familiar with Grateful House Puzzles before getting this puzzle but I would definitely buy more puzzles from them in the future.

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