Polar Express By Dulk



Features :

  • Limited edition
  • Pieces: 1,000
  • Finished size: 27.5 x 19.6 inches.
  • 2mm thick Poland-made high quality blue board
  • Linen matte finish on the pieces and the box
  • Zippered canvas storage bag, full size poster, and a blank greeting card of the artwork included
  • Puzzle piece replacement warranty

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Discover the deeper meaning of Dulk’s art with a hands-on approach that can only be achieved by assembling a puzzle.

Grateful House has teamed up with some exceptionally talented artists from all around the world to bring you amazing jigsaw puzzles that you will love doing and collecting. The puzzles are frame worthy and these artists have never been seen in the puzzle niche before!

We have an artist profile on each box and encourage you to follow each artist’s journey into the puzzle world alongside us.

Created in 2019 and shown at the Scope Art Fair Miami Solo Show, this limited edition puzzle, Polar Express, features the work of Valencian artist Dulk, Antonio Segura. Dulk is an all-purpose artist using a variety of mediums for his work including urban art, drawing, painting, and sculpture. With a soft chromatic palette, he creates characters and stories based on his own dreams and everyday events, mixing fact and fiction, with a touch of pop surrealism.

Dulk’s art analyzes the conceptual development of the morphology of the wildlife and has subliminal messages about the constant environmental threat often caused by climate change. He has a strong ecological conviction to defend ecosystems and the most vulnerable species.The first visualization transmits beauty and calm, but closer observations lead to deeper meaning.

8 reviews for Polar Express By Dulk

  1. Avatar for Chris Brown

    Chris Brown

    Expections exceeded
    Style: Carrousel Jigsaw PuzzleVerified Purchase
    Wow exceeded my expectations. Will be buying all in the series.

  2. Avatar for rachel b

    rachel b

    Great puzzle!
    Style: Carrousel Jigsaw PuzzleVerified Purchase
    Beautiful artwork. Finally A HIPPOPOTAMUS!!! Quality is A+

  3. Avatar for Merry.Meeple.Peeple


    A must for puzzle lovers
    Style: Polar Express Jigsaw PuzzleVerified Purchase
    Absolutely STUNNING puzzles! Excellent quality and fabulous art! 👏

  4. Avatar for Jeff_O


    WOW best puzzle ever!
    Style: Carrousel Jigsaw PuzzleVerified Purchase
    This is honestly one of the most beautiful puzzles I’ve ever seen. The collector’s edition box has a heavy linen feel, with the pieces feeling much the same. It comes with a nice large cotton zip bag to store the puzzle pieces, a full size poster of the image, and a card if you wanted to gift the puzzle after use. This is more than just a puzzle, it is a work of art. I will definitely be purchasing more in the collector’s edition series. Worth the price for sure!!!

  5. Avatar for Amazon Customer

    Amazon Customer

    You will not regret purchasing a Grateful House puzzle
    Style: Polar Express Jigsaw PuzzleVerified Purchase
    Grateful House Polar Express

    My first time trying this brand and I’m highly impressed. Love the sturdy pieces and matte finish and hardly no puzzle dust!!Love the storage bag that came in the box.And of course a blank card to gift or keep. Also includes large poster. Highly recommend!!

  6. Avatar for Jobe


    Very cool!
    Style: Carrousel Jigsaw PuzzleVerified Purchase
    Beautiful & unique puzzle; awesome quality & great extras. Got this for my dad as a Father’s Day gift & he was really impressed. Once he’s done with it I’ll be borrowing it 😉

  7. Avatar for Christopher Evans

    Christopher Evans

    Beautiful, great-quality puzzle!
    Style: Welcome Back Jigsaw PuzzleVerified Purchase
    Great quality puzzle!

    Everything about this puzzle is fantastic, the image is beautiful, the packaging is appealing and the pieces are thick, sturdy and precisely cut. The pieces fit together really nicely, they are a nice size and the puzzle comes with a full size poster for reference.

    Once the puzzle is complete, there’s a fabric zippered bag included to store the pieces.

    Couldn’t be happier with this purchase and cannot wait for more puzzles from this company and this artist!

    This one stays in my collections of puzzles I will keep and do over and over again!

  8. Avatar for Janae

    Janae (verified owner)

    OMG!!!! I’m absolutely floored!!!! Not only by the beauty of this puzzle, but also the quality. Best puzzle brand I’ve experienced to date.

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