Premium Wool Blend Puzzle Mat For Up To 1,500 Piece Puzzles 46x26 Purple



Features :

  • Fits 1,500 piece puzzles
  • Arrives rolled not folded
  • 2 year warranty
  • 2mm thick heavy woolblend felt
  • Includes a storage bag
  • Innovative tube for a snug roll
  • “color” for that perfect background to work on

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These are great mats for people who like color around their work space. Each puzzle piece will stand out, pop, and shine on these mats. Grateful House creates the only wool blend felt puzzle mat in the world designed for puzzles. The Grateful House wool blend mat is made from a specially formulated wool blend that will not snag your puzzle pieces. The puzzle mat is twice as dense and thicker than any other felt mat available. This ensures the mat will not move around when you shift puzzle pieces.

In addition to superior quality, the specially crafted inflatable tube provides an easy roll system. The tube’s extension flap “grabs” the wool blend mat to assist in the rolling process resulting in an even, tight roll keeping all the pieces in place. When you unroll the puzzle mat you will find everything just as you left it!

The mat will arrive rolled in brown paper and packaged in a long box. This ensures it will lay perfectly flat on arrival. They do not require any ironing.


Blue, Purple, Orange


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